2/23/2020 Numbers 11:16-35 Jr



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All right. Well, good morning, everybody. If you’re wondering, what was that? Why’d they play an old country music song? That was one of Nick Fick’s favorite songs he always asked us to sing and he’s got a birthday coming up. And so, and I got, I can, I gotta make a confession. I really enjoy singing that song. I mean, all I can hear is Kris Kristofferson when I go, why me Lord, and I can’t do it justice, but it sure is fun. We are going to have in between services, we have three octogenarian birthdays. Coming up, we have Nick Fick. We have Annette Fick, and we have Keith Morrison. So in honor of all the three of them, we’re going to have a little birthday cake in between services. So if you guys can stay for that and help celebrate them we would we would much appreciate that because they’re worth it. We love those guys. Okay, if you want to turn to me and your boss We are in the book of Numbers, chapter 11. Hopefully we’ll be finishing that up today. Because dad’s starting 12 second service so the heat is on Numbers chapter 11. And I’m going to pick up in in in verse 16. Now, of course, we talked last week, we began chapter 11 talking about the the Israelites are beginning to moan and complain. And there’s actually two occurrences of that in chapter 11. And chapter 11 begins with it with an occurrence of them complaining and griping. And it doesn’t even tell us what the reason is. It just says that the Lord sent a plague amongst them and in the outskirts of the camps and fire among them, and destroyed many of them. We don’t even know what that was. And it’s not I don’t know what the exact measurement of time is between then, and then begin complaining again about me. It’s interesting how complaining begets complaining. My mom used to always say to me, I don’t know why she said these kind of things to me. I was such a great young man was such a wonderful attitude. As some of you remember. She says, Thank you. I’m so glad you came in the later years. But my mom used to say to me, frankly, if you dread it, you’ll dread it. If you dread it, you’ll dread it. She also used to say to me as many because I used to say she say you know, she put a Nike sign in my room just do it. Do it today do it today because I would say why do today, but I can put off until tomorrow. And and she said that but we won’t talk about that part of it. But she used to always say also say to me, your attitude determines your altitude. And so often, we almost create our own fate. We know are in the sense of in the sense of I’m not talking about speaking things into existence. So, so please don’t don’t confuse it. I’m saying, but we almost create our own fate in the sense that we put ourselves in a frame of mind for everything to be wrong. We put ourselves in a frame of mind for everything to be bad. We put ourselves in a frame of mind for everything to be a bummer. You know, you’re a member, you’re from the Winnie the Pooh, you know what I mean? Whoa, you’re clumsy or you know what I mean? Oh, how was your day or? Whoo, it was cold this morning. You know, and God forbid that we are ever a bunch of Christian ears. You know what I’m saying? Because nobody would want to be a Christian. You know, the, you’ve probably heard it said that. You know, Gandhi was famously said, You know, I would be very interested in in Christians I have I have great regard for the Christian faith. It’s the Christians that I don’t have a lot of respect for. And then I don’t know which Christians he met. And certainly we’re not all that way right? But we We have to be cognizant of that our attitude God has given us we have become the through the Holy Spirit through the power of Christ, we’re more than victors. And the Bible also says, If you walk in the light as he is the light and your fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ will cleanse you from all sins. Well, we know that in regards to him, cleansing us of our sins into having peace. But I think there’s so much more to that to walking in the light if we’re walking in the light as he is in the light. If we’re having fellowship with the Lord, and we’re walking in the light and listen to me, you have that for you. That’s just a decision. You understand? an unbeliever, someone who does not have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, specifically, and who was not in, filled with the Holy Spirit cannot simply make the choice to walk in the light until they asked Jesus Christ into their heart. But the Bible says that when we ask Jesus Christ into our heart to be our Lord and our Savior, His Holy Spirit then comes in dwells within us into our car, da right our inner man, the heart of who we are. And he gives us the ability to do the things that we cannot do on our own. That is walking that Christian walk, living that Christian life doing the things that Christ has called us to do as his followers, you understand? Those things are beyond us. Our hearts are not naturally inclined towards good things we’ve talked about many times, the perfect example of little children, you don’t have to teach them to do bad. You have to teach them do good. They naturally do bad all the time, right? They naturally inclined to go their own way to only think of their own Will you have to specifically and purposefully and sometimes forcefully teach them to do the right things we are not people are people are raised that is naturally inclined to good sometimes when it suits me what it makes me feel good. So much as a good deed. Well, I’ve done this Well, I’ve done this. Well. I’ve done this one. Who’d you do that for? So often the things that I do I do because it makes me feel good. Now I would like you to think it’s because I’m so magnanimous. I’m such a wonderful, lovable, cuddly furry man, right? And that’s why I do these wonderful things. But so often, it’s because it makes me feel good, I do a good thing because it makes me feel good. That is not a work that I’m going to be rewarded for. Jesus specifically talks about us doing our good works, and it’s between us and the father. This for you, Lord, it’s not for anyone else to ever necessarily ever even know about, if I have any say in it, but this is just me serving you God because you’re worth it. Because you’re worthy of my service. You’re worthy of my worship and my praise and what’s more, you’re worthy for me to take care of the other people that are worthy to you. I’ve told this many times to people that if you have any inclination or or feelings or leadings or callings in your life that you feel towards ministry. If you ever make it about the people, you’re not going to last and ministry If you just make ministry about the people, you’re not going to last in ministry, why? Because people are going to let you down. People are going to blow you up, people are going to stab you in the back. But if you do it specifically for Jesus Christ, and in the service of our Heavenly Father, you’ll never be disappointed. It’s not about us. It’s not about the people even it’s about a God whom we serve. everything flows from him. It’s no accident that that’s what comes first. What are the two greatest commandments You shall love the Lord your God, with all your mind, heart, soul and strength. And the second is like the first. The second goes along with the first you can’t have the second without the first. The second is like it. You shall love your neighbor as yourself. Now, how many of you this morning, got up, walked into the bathroom and the first thing you thought about is man, I got to take care of my needs this morning. And I wonder how bill is doing. If you did that was the Holy Spirit. Congratulations, right. God gives us an ability to love his people. God gives us an ability by His Holy Spirit to overlook people, in loving people. That’s from the Lord. That’s from God. And so, here’s here’s the people complaining again about the meat. And I want to pick up. Let’s see, I’m sorry, in verse 16. But Moses has begun himself to complain when we read this last week, so I don’t want to go over everything again. But about Moses complaining as well before the Lord. I’m not able to bear these people alone. That’s that’s kind of what I was just talking about. So verse 16, The Lord said to Moses, gather to me 70 men of the elders of Israel, whom you know, to the elders of the people, and officers over them, bring them to the tabernacle of meeting, that they may stand there with you. Then I will come down and talk with you there. I will take of the Holy Spirit or I will take up the spirit that is upon you and will put the same upon them. And they shall bear the burdens of the people with you, that you may not bear it yourself alone. Then you shall say to the people, consecrate yourselves for tomorrow, and you shall eat meat, for you have wept in the hearing of the Lord saying, who will give us meat to eat? For it was well with us in Egypt. Therefore the Lord will give you, me and you shali you shall eat not one day nor two days, or five days or 10 days, or 20 days, but for a whole month until it comes out of your nostrils and becomes loathsome to you, because you have despised the Lord who was among you, and if wept before him saying, Why did we ever come up out of Egypt? Now, for those of you who are married, this would be akin to you walking into your house after work or at the end of the day, and hearing your spouse weeping, saying, Why did I ever get married? Imagine that, imagine how that would feel in your heart. If you came home and your spouse didn’t know you were And you heard them weeping, not just saying oh yeah, well, he’s an idiot. So you know, what are you gonna do? I was like, oh, okay, you know that when I was but weeping and wailing and what was Mary? What would that do to your heart? imagine what that would do to your heart to know and understand that your your spouse, in a very real moment when they didn’t think anyone was listening was was weeping not just complaining about you, but weeping and be moaning that they had ever been married to you especially especially if you had met that person on a life saving mission where they had been in the situation in a circumstance where they were completely without food and water and at the verge of being killed. And you took them and you rescued them from that situation and brought them back to our country and the and and and help them get on their feet. And then you developed a relationship and end up getting married to network. Imagine if then you heard them weeping and wailing. Why there? It was so much better back in. Can you imagine? So here’s Almighty God. Here’s Almighty God, he’s never done anything wrong with these people. There’s no possible reason for them to be wailing and bemoaning the fact that he had taken them from Egypt, where they were crying out because of the taskmasters wept, because of the oppression that they lived under. And God rescued them from that. But now because there’s no meat, because there’s not meat to eat, because there’s not the onions and the leeks, and the garlic, and all of the flavorful, tasty things that went along with bondage, that now they only remember their wailing and weeping, and God heard it. So he says, I’m going to give you meat for a whole month until it comes out of your nose. I’m going to give you meat until it comes out of your nose. Now, a couple of things here, first of all, God is doing two things. First of all, he’s helping out Moses and I love this because Moses is complaining Like the people are complaining, but here’s the difference. And we’re going to get gonna get to this in another portion as well. First Peter chapter three and verse 12 says this, for the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and his ears are open to their prayers. But the face of the Lord is against those who do evil.

God knows the heart. You understand what I’m saying? So the people were complaining and be wailing and be moaning for a completely different reason than Moses was wailing and complaining and be moaning. The people were completely rejecting God in their hearts. They were completely rejecting the fact that God had rescued them and had brought them out of Egypt for a very specific purpose, to do something very specifically with an entire nation and had already performed some of the greatest miracles that the world has ever Never seen before a sense, and that they had witnessed with their own eyes. And yet they wanted nothing to do with it all. We’d rather be back in Egypt. There’s a very large difference between that heart and the heart that comes before the Lord saying, why me, Lord? Would you say Moses going, why me? That’s what he’s saying, well, Lord, why? And I can hear me. Yes, he’s complaining, yes, he’s moaning. Probably God is not an enormous fan of it. But the heart of Moses was with God. Does that make sense? The heart of Moses was with God, His heart never depart from God. No, this No, this Christian. You have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and the Bible says cast some of your cares upon him. A few, a couple, not too many. The Bible says cast all of your cares upon him. Think of think of visually Close your eyes and visualize What does it look like to cast your cares upon to throw it on him? Get this away from me as a good thing is that real fire? Can you imagine? Why me Lord? Why did I burn the church down? Where was God knows the difference? God knows the difference is that is the point that I wanted to make there and I had another point but it’s gone now because the candle Thank you, Papa. Cast all your cares upon him. That’s right. Think of that. visualize that casting your cares upon him. Well, that seems kind of reckless. It seems kind of almost abuse. It seems a little blunt. It seems just almost a little careless. Just just throwing everything at God. You know, throw throw it at me throw it at me. It’s like if you saw your little child carrying a heavy burden across the yard, and there’s in there and they’re struggling What would you do as a parent? What is your initial immediate response? Help, help, help, help help. No, don’t hand it to me like that, you idiot. No, no, no, no. Drop it, honey, drop it, drop it, just give it to daddy. Just give it to daddy. Because my only concern in that moment is to see my little child relieved of that burden. That’s that’s what matters to me. That’s our Heavenly Father. He wants to see you relieved. Now, when I say he wants to see you’re relieved of the burden, and may not be in the sense in which you think he wants you to be relieved of the burden, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to go away. Here’s another example. The little kid is carrying the stone across the yard to place it in the garden because he’s helping with the garden work and I want him to help with the garden work or her to help with the gardener because I’m teaching them what it is to help and I’m teaching them what it means to have a garden. I’ve never actually taught this lesson as you can see from my yard, but I want them to know something, I want them to learn something from experience, I want them to understand what work is that hard work is not pleasant all the time. And then it’s just stuff that has to be done. But it’s a very important lesson for that child to learn. And so they need to carry that rock and they need to bring it all the way to the garden. But here’s the thing, it’s the footsteps in the stand. I want to be there to help them the whole way. I don’t want them to get hurt. I don’t want them to be injured helping me or in me teaching them, but I want to help them along. Cast all your cares, cast all yours. That’s where Moses is doing. He’s casting it upon the Lord. God doesn’t respond to Moses in any anger or any discipline or even with a correction because he knows where Moses as hard as that. And so he answers it and tells him that he’s going to appoint some men to help him with the burden. And he also deals with the complaints of the people because they’re complaining again For a completely different reason, they are be moaning and be wailing, the fact that God had ever brought them out of Egypt in the first place. And so God is going to do something completely different with the people that he does to Moses as he’s going to respond completely different to the people that he’s going to respond to Moses. And so that’s why he doesn’t respond to Moses is complaining, he answers Moses is complaining. But he response the people complaining, it’s because of the heart. It’s That’s the difference. It’s going to come out of their nose. Now, verse 21, Moses again, again does something that we go, I don’t think you’re supposed to do that. Verse 21, Moses said, the people whom I who am I am among our 600,000 men on foot. Yet you have said I will give them meat that they may eat for a whole month, shall flocks and herds be slaughtered for them to provide Had enough for them? Or shall all the fish of the sea be gathered together for them to provide enough for them stop right there and turn with me to Second Kings chapter seven. Turn into Second Kings chapter seven.

Second Kings chapter seven. Now here’s the backdrop. Israel is being besieged by the Assyrians. And because of the seeds that they’ve laid around the city, the people have been completely without food. They’re selling doves dung, and donkey heads, okay, for high prices in the streets. And finally, one woman comes up to the king and says, King I want you to settle an argument between me and my my neighbor lady who said, What’s the problem? Well, yesterday we agreed we were going to cook and eat our babies. And yesterday we cooked and ate her baby or my Her baby, I’m sorry, my baby. And now today, she won’t cook and eat her baby with me. And the king, this is how bad it is. And the king cries out if I don’t get the head of that profit. Of course, the king blames it on Elijah. Because Elijah had said that these things are going to come upon the nation Israel. But why did those things come upon the nation of Israel? It was because of their idolatry. It was because of their wickedness. Got it told them again. And again. And again. That’s the backdrop. We’re not gonna do a lesson in that yet, but that’s the backdrop. And so the Kingston’s men to ally just house to either kill him or get a word from him. So chapter seven, verse one, Elijah said, hear the word of the Lord. Thus says the Lord, tomorrow about this time a sale of fine flowers shall be sold for a shekel and to say as a barley for a shekel at the gate of some area now, just so you know, that’s good food for Great prices, okay? Without getting into it. So an officer on whose hand the king leaned answered the man of God and said, Look, if the Lord would make windows in heaven, could this thing be? And he said, in fact, you shall see it with your eyes, but you won’t eat of it. And what happened to God did an amazing miracle. And as the people were running to the source of God’s miracle, this man on whom the king leaned on whose hand the kindling was trampled to death. So he saw God provide, but he never experienced it just exactly like the prophet of God has said, if you want to know more about this story, it’s an amazing story. Second, Kings read chapter six and seven when you get home. So Doesn’t it sound the same? Listen to what Moses says, shall flocks and herds be slaughtered? The people who I am among are 600,000 men on foot, you said I will give them meat that they will eat for a whole month shall flocks and herds be slaughtered for them to provide enough them are shall all the fish of the sea be gathered together for them to provide enough for them. It sounds the same, doesn’t it? It sounds like the same kind of unbelief. So what’s the difference? First Peter, chapter three and verse 12. Again, the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are open to their prayers, but the face of the Lord is against those who do evil. It was the heart of the one speaking. Moses is asking God a question how God, how are you going to do this? How are you going to make this happen? I don’t see how this is possible, Lord, in spite of the fact that you open the Red Sea. In spite of all the miracles that you’ve done, I don’t see how you’re going to do this Lord, and he’s asking the Lord, the hand on who the man on whose hand the king leaned, has a completely different attitude. Real okay. God is not know it was going to open windows and has complete unbelief, complete lack of faith. That’s the difference. So verse 24. First 23 here’s what the Lord says to Moses, the Lord said to Moses, has the Lord’s arm been shortened? Now that use now you shall see whether what I say will happen to you or not. So he says, look, Moses, stand back and watch. Moses, I get it. Moses, I understand. you’re unhappy, the people are complaining, and you’re having to deal with it, I get it. I’m going to give you some help. Moses, you’re wondering how this is going to happen. I get it, you’re going to stand back, and you’re going to watch and say, so watch this. So Moses went out and told the people, the words of the Lord, you see that Moses didn’t understand why the things were happening to him that were happening to him. He was upset about the people complaining, and he had no idea how God was going to do the things that God said he was going to do. And yet he turned around and went right out to the people and told them what God said. And how many of those people do you think said, If God were to open windows in heaven would we all have Moses didn’t understand it. Moses had doubts about it. And yet God said it to him. And so he acted in obedience. That’s the difference. That’s the heart difference right there. He told the people the words of the Lord and he gathered the 70 men of the elders of the people and place them around the tabernacle.

So so here’s Moses, both ways. He’s complaining about the people. He’s, he’s asking God, how he’s going to provide meat for the people. And then he goes out, gives him the word and obeys. God gathers the 70 elders, God told him to gather and told the people everything that was going to happen in one verse first 24, then the Lord came down in the cloud, and spoke to him and took of the spirit that was upon him, and placed the same upon the 70 elders, and it happened when the Spirit rested upon them that they prophesied, although they never did so again. But two men had remained in the camp. The name of one was Ella dad. The name of the other medad and the spirit rested upon them. Now they were among those listed, but who had not gone out to the tabernacle, yet they prophesied in the camp. And a young man ran and told Moses and said, l dad and me dad, and my dad and your dad, sorry, I can’t help it are prophesizing in the camp is interesting in verse 28. So Joshua, the son of non Moses, his assistant, one of his choice men answered and said, Moses, my Lord, forbid them. Then Moses said to him, are you zealous for my sake? Oh, that all the Lord’s people were prophets, and that the Lord would put his spirit upon them. And Moses returned to the camp, both he and the elders of Israel, interesting. Joshua, the son of non zealous for Moses, a great, great man who was going to become a great leader himself, who followed Moses and was an assistant to Moses at He sees other people prophesied other people doing what Moses was supposed to be doing. And he gets jealous for Moses. It’s interesting. Lord, my lord Moses, other mentor, forbid them, stop them from doing it. It’s amazing how competition can arise within the body. Whether it’s between churches, or between ministries, or well my pastor this or my pastor this or our church, this or our church that oh my goodness. Remember when Peter said some people are out there saying, I follow Paul or Paul said this, sometimes I follow Paul. I follow Peter. I follow Apollo’s I’m of Apollo’s imma feet. And he says, This is Christ. Is Christ divided that Paul died for you? He said, No, no, no, no, no. We don’t follow men. We follow God. God appoints men to do the work that he’s called them to do. Got a point Smith. And women to do the work of the ministry. But it is never ever, ever at any point ever about them. There is no church and Frank Thomas, or Frank Thomas senior. There is no church of this one or that one or this, oh, it’s this guy’s church. What’s that guy’s church? Oh, it’s that lady’s church. It’s Jesus’s church, or it’s not. It’s a church that’s doing the will of God, or it’s not. Christ isn’t divided. And I love Moses, Moses, his attitude, his attitude here, because, you know, and Josh was a younger man, and he’s zealous, and he’s a, he loves Moses. He looks up to Moses, Moses is the leader. He revered him and he sees someone else doing his job and he made at least like Stop, stop. Only Moses can do that. But Moses, his attitude, completely different. All he sees is relief. All he sees is people to help in the ministry. people to help do the work of the ministry. Oh my goodness. And I joke I talk like this all the time. You know what I mean? Like, I pray all the time for some somebody to come come into this church, who is a musician who is like a super musician, voice of an angel plays the guitar like, you know, I don’t know, whoever, some great guitar player and can come in here and just take over worship and turn it into some beautifully orchestrated musical thing. I would be I would run to the back. But I love to sing. I love to worship. I love to worship, but I would love to give that to someone else. I would absolutely love to give that to someone else. If the Lord does that the Lord does a great If he doesn’t, who cares, right? It is what it is. Tell me get me. Right. But I would love that. How awesome would it be if we had 60 people in this church if we had 60 people in this room Who were able to do this or able to? It’s never too much. It’s never ever, ever too much. It’s only ever the Lord adding. It’s only ever the Lord doing more work and more of what he does our response in our attitude. She just always step back. We’re always so what’s the word I’m looking for when you don’t trust something?

What’s it? wary? Yeah, wary. That’s a good word. But like, like, like, we’re always we don’t trust the situation or we’re so cynical. Who says it’s cynical. That’s it cynical. We can be so cynical. God starts to do a work, people are excited about it. Well, listen, if there’s something going on, and it’s an error, if there’s something going on, or there’s something that’s being taught, that goes against what God’s word says, we’re going to be honest about that. Right? We’re going to call we follow the Bible. We don’t Follow ministry. We follow the Bible. We don’t follow some new movement in the church. There’s been lots of movements in the church. You know what I’m saying? And some of them have been like really like a movement. Okay? Because they’ve gone completely against what God’s word says, I don’t care. I don’t care who it is. I don’t care what the movement is, you know what I’m saying? I don’t care. This is where this is where angry, Frank. This is what I’m zealous for. I don’t care who it is. If they’re saying something that goes against what God’s word teaches. I would love to go and stand in front of their face and tell them. I’m, seriously that angers me. Who are you? Who are you? Well, I have this many people that I’ve written this but. I don’t care. You are no one. You are either a servant of God or you’re not. Those are the two kinds of people, right. We’re not zealous for men. Which Dallas for God. Moses. I wish they all would probably Society. I wish everybody could speak to a rock. I wish everyone had a staff of God, that it’s going to happen. We’re going to look good to come down through here. And all the hell is we got a staff, we got a staff to we should be able to do what Moses says, well, let’s bring him for the Lord. Remember Aaron’s rod budded group almonds and dates and all these things. But Moses, I wish everybody could do what I’m doing. Joshua, you don’t even know what you’re saying. It would be fantastic. Okay, so verse 31. Now a wind went out from the Lord, and it brought quail from the sea, and left them fluttering near the camp, about a day’s journey on this side, and about a day’s journey on the other side, all around the camp, and about two cubits above the surface of the ground. So all around the camp Now remember, we’re talking about 600 Moses said it again. 600,000 men on foot fighting men. That’s not women. That’s not kids. That’s not elderly. Six, half over half a million just fighting men. We’re talking about a group of a million and a half to 2 million people approximately. So imagine the size of the camp. Remember, God had set up the tabernacle in the very center of camp. And then the camps, according to their tribes gathered and pitch their tents all the way around. So from that point, verse 31, a wind sweat went out from the Lord and brought quail from the sea and left them fluttering near the camp here it is about a day’s journey on this side and about a day’s journey on the other side, all around the camp. Okay, so, here’s the tabernacle. There’s a million and a half to 200 to 2 million people in camp all around the tabernacle. Imagine that as a square, if you will. Okay, a big square. Now, all around the entire camp, a day’s journey away, there’s quail two cubits deep. You understand? As you go out, it gets bigger. It’s a job. It’s, there’s so many quail. There’s probably God did creation. There’s there’s that many quail and they’re just pile deep just laying there fluttering. I mean, that’s easy quail right there. You don’t I mean, that’s chicken wings on the ground baby. steaming hot ready with buckets of blue cheese. You know, it’s just ready. They go a day’s journey. And oh my goodness, oh my goodness. Now let’s watch what happens.

Verse 32, and the people stayed up all that day, all night, and all the next day. Okay. What 36 hours or I’m sorry, but 24 hours straight. Imagine 20 say 24 hours straight, gathering quail and He who gathered least gathered 10 homers, I have no idea how much that is. And they spread them out for themselves all around the camp. Okay, so everyone goes in their tent and they go out everyone goes out from their position they go out to where the quail is laying, and for 24 hours straight or more they gather quail. Imagine how much quail that is. Well, it’s 10 homers, who gathered least it’s a lot of quail. It’s a lot of quail. Verse 33. But while the meat was still between their teeth, before it was chewed, the wrath of the Lord was aroused against the people. And the Lord struck two people with a very great plague. So he called the name of that place kibra hatachi of because there they buried the people who had yielded to craving. Kibroth-hattaavah of me graves of craving so Kibroth-hattaavah means graves of crazing and from Kibroth-hattaavah the people moved to Hazeroth and camped at Hazeroth. So now we have the people, they go out for 24 hours or more, they gather quail, tons and tons and piles and piles of quail that they had been be moaning about. They bring it back, they prepare it, they begin to eat it. And while it’s still between their teeth, they remember what God had said. for a whole month, not for one day, not for two days, not for five days, 10 days or 20 days, but for a whole month. Now we find here at the end of verse 11. While it was still between their teeth, they were struck with a plague. Verse 33, while the meat was still between their teeth before it was true, the wrath of God was aroused against the people and the Lord. struck two people with a very great plague. But they had to keep eating it for a month. You see that? They gathered the quail. And while it was still in their mouths, it made them sick, and they couldn’t stop eating it for a month. Imagine you ever been to a certain type of restaurant. I do sprinkler inspections and I go to some of these places and I go, Oh, my goodness. Don’t eat there. Don’t eat there. They saw their meat out in the sun, you know? Oh, I’ve seen it is crazy. But if you’ve ever had food poisoning, how many have enjoyed that? Right? Isn’t that wonderful? Imagine you went to a restaurant and you eat there. And it makes you so violently ill and sick. You’re green around the gills the next day and you have to go back there needs again. And then you have to go back there needed again. And then you have to go back there and he is again from month for a month until it killed him. That is how God views sin. That is how God views the things that our flesh crave that thing where those things are, whatever it is. Don’t ever yield. Don’t ever yield to your flesh is craving. We’ve all done it. We’ve all done it. And I don’t ever want to and I’ve had many Kibroth-hattaavahs in my life. I’ve had many, many many Kibroth-hattaavah throughout my entire life, where God has allowed me to fully immerse myself in something. And so it is absolutely destroying my life. I can’t stop. I can’t Stop, man. There’s so many things in people’s lives around us. Whether they’re involved in something and they’re doing something or they’re in a relationship or whatever the case may be, and it’s destroying them. And they can’t stop. Their flesh has craved it. Their flesh desired it and even though it’s killing them inside their flesh still craves it, and still desires it. And they eat upon themselves, destruction, and they can’t stop. God will allow that. God will allow that in the person’s life. God will allow us to Kibroth-hattaavah ourselves until we say what I need to get rid of, is my craving. What I need to get rid of in my life is a thing that I know goes against God’s word what he’s told me not to do that I crave and I do anyways, that’s what we need to address in our lives.

Let’s pray. Heavenly Father thank You for Your Word. And, Lord, we’re grateful for the lessons that you teach us, Lord of the of the hearts of Moses and versus the people and Lord, we ask and pray that you would help us to learn very well or the lesson of, of trusting in you father and believing in you, but also that we’re able to cast our cares upon you, Father, we’re so thankful for that you’re so patient, and understanding and loving to us, Lord. And Lord, we ask and pray that you would help us, Lord to, to address the cravings in our lives. Father, the things that we allow in our lives or that we know are, are harmful father to the spirit, or harmful to our relationship with you, Father, and yet we can’t seem to stop ourselves, Lord, and maybe you’ve allowed us to become fully completely immersed in it, Lord, and we’re grateful and thankful that we don’t have to sit here until we die. We can call out on you, father and we can be relieved. Lord and we can be taken and saved from our Kimbrough. Fatah Father, we ask that you would help us to, to come to a place of realization in our lives, Father, that you’re all we need, Lord and everything else. Lord is second to you, Lord, and all the other things that you’ve blessed us with and you put in our lives are for the purpose of serving you with Lord, even though we may enjoy it so much, Lord, and you’ve blessed us with so many wonderful things and we’re so thankful for that. We pray Father that it wouldn’t ever be about us. And Lord, we would just put into perspective Lord, not only are our earthly possession Lord or our our station in life, but also Lord, the things that we desire the things that we longed for father, that we would put everything in line with your will and with your heart, and with your word, Father, help us to truly be people who walk and live in the light. Lord, as you’re in the light, we thank you, and we praise you Father, we glorify you. We pray that You’d be with our our three birthday friends, Lord. We pray that you’d bless them and their hearts were so grateful. And we’re thankful father for the ministries that they’ve had Lord in their lives and for the way that you use them to this day father, and what an encouragement they are in a blessing they are to this fellowship. Lord, we ask and pray that you would bless their homes, and that you would bless their relationships and their lives, Father, Father, that they would see you brighter and brighter Lord that in their 80s they wouldn’t be done. They wouldn’t be at the end of their journey, Father, but just beginning their journey with you, and that you would be showing them things and teaching them things they never knew before father as they seek after your face. So I pray that you bless them and that you’d give them health and peace Lord, in Jesus name we pray, Amen. Amen.

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