COVID-19 Update

From Pastors Frank Sr and Jr

We wanted to put something out just for the record and for all of you to know where we stand with all of the fear and commotion going on right now with Covid-19:

  • If you feel safe going to the store, you can feel just as safe coming to church. The probability of being exposed to sickness is greater as the number of people in a given area increases and being a smaller body means your chances of being exposed at church is less than most other public places you would still go.
  • If you happen to be symptomatic, fever, cough, etc. please stay home! This is the same thing we would ask regardless of the sickness, more of just a common sense thing.
  • Listen to the advice of health care PROFESSIONALS, not politicians or the media. (again common sense) 😄
  • If you feel the need to stay home, we will still be online so you can join us there!
  • Most importantly dear saints, have faith and trust in the Lord! He is in complete control of our lives and the times we are living in as well. So use your discretion and the common sense He has given you, don’t fear and trust in Him, and this too shall pass!

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