Here are some categorized links to other sites on the web. Be aware that clicking on any of these links will take you away from the Berean Cavalry Chapel Web site. If you find a link that is not working please contact the Web Administrator at feedback.

Bible Resources/Studies

Berean Call is an online newsletter published by Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon on current issues and the Bible. The site also has an online store with a wealth of Christian material that is Bible based.

Bible Gateway has the Bible online in several translations and searchable by keywords or chapter/verse.

E-Sword is a downloadable Bible program that lets you have several Bible translations, concordances, and commentaries right at your fingertips. The best part is the cost, free!

Firefighters for Christ is a internet depository of messages from preachers around the country. Listed by both topical and chapter/verse it is an indispensable resource.

Koinonia House online is Chuck Missler’s website and contains pertinent information about current events and a slew of Bible studies.

Last Day Ministries offers several free articles for reading online or purchase in tract form such as “Holy Bible Wholly True” by Winkie Pratney.

Setting Captives Free is an online Bible study program on freeing yourself from habitual sin by the grace of God. God’s grace is stronger than the pull of Sin!

Word for Today is the website of Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.

Calvary Chapel Links

Calvary Chapel main homepage which contains links to all Calvary Chapels including those in Syracuse, Auburn, and Rochester.


Calvary Chapel of the Finger Lakes broadcasts radio station WZXV locally, but also allows streaming to your desktop if reception is poor or you are out of range. This radio station hosts Bible teachings and Christian music.

Calvary Chapel Satelite Radio is the online and satelite radio station of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.


Gospel for Asia is reaching the lost in this critical part of the world where some people have never heard the name of Jesus Christ.


Answers in Genesis is a website by Ken Ham that has several resources for creationists.

Institute for Creation Research is a website dedicated to teaching about creation by a variety of methods. Also publishes the Days of Praise devotional.

Is Genesis History is also a website dedicated to teaching about creation using interviews with many renowned scientists giving compelling evidence as to historical accuracy of Genesis.

Current Events

Behold Israel provides in depth news and information about Israel and the region. Their content and updates combat global media bias and inaccurate reporting on Israel.

Be Alert is an e-mail news alert service from Moriel Ministries. Sign up to have Christian based news alerts sent directly to your inbox! Once on the page scroll halfway down the page to see the sign up for E-mail news alerts. – has a Web Search where you can vote for this site & other great ones. Christian search engine, directory & voting index. You’ll find Bible, chat, churches, jobs, music, reviews, software, theology, & more. See the best sites!

Koenig’s International News is a conservative news source that focuses on Israel and Washington events that effect our current times.

American Family Association is a leader in bringing current news issues that are buried by the typical news sources out into the light. is a Jewish portal site. This link will take you directly to a live camera feed of the Western Wall.


Living Waters web site by Ray Comfort. Has numerous articles, audio, and video on evangelism. Also has an online store for unique tracts.

Way of the Master is a joint site by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort that provides several audio and videos on evangelism, an online store for unique tracts and evangelism merchandise, and a School of Biblical Evangelism.

Pocket Testament League is a site that will give you 50 free Gospel of John pamphlets a month for distribution in evangelism. The Gospels come in your choice of unique covers and standard translations. Good to have on hand to pass out to friends and strangers you meet.

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